• Most Women are

    priestesses and healers...


    We are, all of us,

    sisters of a mysterious order...









  • Practices for Peace & Beauty

    You are invited learn life-changing divine feminine practices that stoke the metabolism and cultivate inner light and peace.

    Nidhi Huba

    Yoga Therapist, Sound and Space Healer, Artist, Mama and Entrepreneur

    Practice with Master Teacher Nidhi Adhiya-Huba who was personally encouraged on the path of Yoga & Satnamrasayan healing by Yogi Bhajan Mahan Tantric and leader of the Kundalini Yoga movement in America. Nidhi has trained with many yoga and spiritual masters from her homeland of India and abroad. Ayurveda, Healing, and Alchemy is in her lineage and is her passion. She has practiced with native elders, Tibetan Doctors and Llama’s, sound and crystal healers over the decades of her quest and vision for uplifting humanity. She Incorporates crystals, sounds, aromatherapy and her gift of channeling divine spirit in all she does. Each retreat has a ceremony with a blend of different traditions. Nidhi has the gift of guiding each person to a transformative practice that will resonate with their goal. Bliss Babes was conceived with her wish for a safe space for people to connect with the divine feminine and create lasting harmony in their lives. Peace on earth begins with each heart tuning into their bliss.


  • Marcy Clark

    Public Speaking, Personal Branding & Empowered Vocals Coach

    dcMarcy Clark is a seasoned PR and Brand Strategy consultant, Public Speaking Coach and the creator of the Vocal Clearings & Empowered Declarations workshop. Her work is grounded in the principles of storytelling, creativity, and integrity. As the founder of her eponymous PR consultancy, she has focused on brand development, media training, marketing strategy and execution, consumer outreach and public relations campaigns. Her clients have been seen in top media outlets such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Glamour, Elle, Vogue, NPR, NBC and more.


  • Ancient Kundalini practices

    life-changing exercises that stoke the metabolism and cultivate inner light and peace

    Divine Feminine Atunement

    activating the Devi in each chakra

    Organic Food

    Vegetarian and Gluten Free Breakfast, Snacks and Dinner Daily

    Daily Breath Walks

    Mantra, Chanting and Ceremony


    Creating Sacred Space

    Learn Best Practices around holding sacred space

    Sound Healing Techniques

    syncs the brain waves in both hemispheres















    Joy, sharing and transmitting the Light has been the mission for Nidhi for decades. Are you ready to embody the true nature of Love, learn ritual and kriya to create your best reality, receive deep transformational healing and be in Bliss? Join us and let your Goddess Shine. Create a personal active meditation practice and have the experience of leading a divine feminine circle and Kundalini exercises with the group.


  • Friday

    Sister Circle
    Agni Puja ( fire ceremony)

    Medical Medium dinner & info session w Emma

    Star Soul Retrieval meditation



    Tibetan Rites Nejang practice for self-healing & beauty


    Prasad Practice-Offering to the Ancestors of the South

    EFT for Peace with Jen

    Rainbow Light Pranayama Breath

    Kriya Practice to unload the Pain of Perpetual Memories

    Guided Quantum Hypnosis & Crystal Sound Healing
    Stream Silence

    Ayurvedic cooking & Gayatri Mantra blessing
    Fire Puja ceremony
    Goddess Dance with Lisa

    Star Soul retrieval



    Tibetan 5 rites yoga
    Subagh Kriya
    Green Energy practice

    Sound & Crystal Healing
    Face Yoga

    Empowered Declarations

    Closing Circle

  • Bliss Babes Experts

    Team members from out past events

    Marcy Clark

    Public Speaking, Personal Branding & Empowered Vocals Coach

    Vanessa Dunleavy

    BUTI Yoga, Vinyasa, Pilates, & Broadway Performer

    Paige MacKenzie Welborn

    Buti Yoga, Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher















  • Therapies available on Sunday and during Saturday break. Please send us a detailed message below of what you would like and we will get back to you.



    Divine Feminine Healing

    Psychic Reading


    Nature Hike

    Sweat Lodge


Accommodation, All Meals & Amenities: Includes the cost of lodging, all meals and grounds use. Prices for rooms vary and include all meals. Rooms are available on a first-come basis. Each room has its own special qualities and beauty.
Cancellation Policy:  THERE IS NO REFUND; however, we will credit any payments over the deposit to our next Retreat in 2020. 
We respect your privacy, both personal and informational. The Bliss Babes Retreat staff and organization will keep all information that we collect from you secure, and will not provide this information to any third party providers. In order to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure of your personal information, we have put in place suitable physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online.